About CC-Nippon

CC-Nippon (Communication & Consulting Nippon) supports Japanese-speaking new arrivals, Japanese companies and staff who are doing (or planning to do) business in Germany. All of our team have personal experience of immigrating to Germany and have a clear understanding of the difficulties and anxieties that our clients encounter for the first time in Germany. We can take care of all aspects of life and business in Germany for our clients with our up-to-date knowledge of local life in Japanese and German languages.

If you have enquiries, please feel free to contact us: info@cc-nippon.com.


Our services

Our services explained below are just examples and what we can provide as customised service on an as-required basis.

  Ⅰ. Support for expatriates in Germany

  Ⅱ. Business support in Germany


Ⅰ.Support for expatriates in Germany

A. Registration (Anmeldung)

We will give advice and instructions for any required documents for registration such as application forms,  birth certificates or a residential confirmation from the landlords.

Note: Some documents are required to be completed and prepared by the clients themselves, with our advice and instructions.


B.  Residence permit and work permit

CC-Nippon provides advice and support with residence permits and work permit applications of our clients after registration. We are offering the following services to our clients:

  • To research updated information and introduce the necessary documents for applying for a residence permit and work permit;
  • To make an appointment at the immigration office;
  • To check the application forms and necessary documents; and
  • To accompany the client as an interpreter on the immigration office visits.

Note: Some documents such as an employment contract or other legal documents are required to be completed and prepared by the clients themselves, with our advice and instructions.


C. Accommodation support

1. Looking for accommodations

CC-Nippon will research, contact a maximum of 50 landlords or estate agents to make an effort to propose a maximum of 3 houses or apartments based on our clients’ budgets and requirements. We can attend a house viewing together with our clients as an interpreter, or independently carry out a house viewing on behalf of the clients. Please note that there is no guarantee that our clients will be able to move into the proposed accommodation as there will be a tenant screening process by the landlord or estate agent.

2.  Accompanying clients on a moving day

We can be present at our client’s moving as an interpreter and a witness to support their smooth moving process. We take care of important administrative and practical issues such as how to use heaters or checking and verifying electricity or gas meters. We will also check the house condition and a handover protocol (Übergabeprotokoll) to protect our client’s rights when moving out of the house or apartment.


D. Other life administration support

  • Opening a bank account
  • Making a contract with electricity, gas, internet, and mobile phone provider
  • Applying for GEZ
  • Applying for health insurance


E. Support for children

1. Application for welcome classes (from elementary school to high school) or kindergartens

We are offering the following services to our clients:

  • To apply for welcome classes or kindergartens;
  • To accompany school viewings and interviews together with our clients as an interpreter;
  • To proofread contracts;
  • To accompany health check-ups of children before entering school as an interpreter; and
  • To accompany school on the first day at school together with children.

2. Application for child allowance (Kindergeld)

We will apply for a child allowance instead of the clients.

Note: Some parents are not eligible to receive child allowance due to their visa status or employment situation.


F. Support when leaving Germany

We are offering the following services to our clients:

  • To terminate the registration, rental agreements, bank account, electricity, gas, internet, mobile phone accounts, GEZ, and health insurance;
  • To be present with our clients when moving out of the house/apartment acting as an interpreter and a witness and;
  • To follow up on the deposit return.

Note: These leaving Germany services run for a max. of 3 months.


Ⅱ. Business support in Germany

CC-Nippon provides multiple levels of business support for companies which operate their business in Germany and throughout Europe. We can meet each client’s needs by collaborating with our business partners using the unique knowledge they bring from their own areas of specialisation. Here are our service examples:

  • Interpreters at trade fairs or business meetings (JP < > EN/DE);
  • Marketing research;
  • Arranging meetings with local companies;
  • Exhibition support at trade fairs; or
  • Establishing a European office or legal entity.